Support Hub

What if IT infrastructure spoke your language?

OverIP’s Support Hub is an automated IT infrastructure support platform. It builds operational views based on what you determine are your key performance indicators and executes automated remediations based on your business rules. OverIP will architect the most potent and efficient support plan that ensures issues are resolved quickly and cost-effectively.

How it works

Insight Definition

Identify your businesses key performance indicators (KPI).

The key: identify what is important to you and we’ll design an insight that best represents that KPI

Response Definition

Whether monitoring the state of the environment, or detecting a specific recurring anomaly, OverIP can build an automated remediation activity based on that insight.

The key: fast and reliable remediation of known issues before your business is interrupted

Support Definition

Escalation to local teams or vendor support services can take place if an automated remediation is not detected or does not resolve the issue.

The key: quickly escalate to the most appropriate resolver group

Make IT work for you!

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